Versatile application toplight designed to reduce your carbon footprint
MAXIMIZE your OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS with the ORION series. Reduce your operational cost up to 34% while successfully replacing HPS 1000 W lamps according to the PAR level with two Orion fixtures.
  • Industry leading efficiency
    High quality of construction materials and the use of electronic components from manufacturers of the first echelon, make it possible to fully use a lighting device up to 50 thousand hours at maximum efficiency.

  • Proven light recipes
    Irradiate plants, accelerate their growth, stimulate fruiting and reduce your carbon footprint. Integrate our proprietary functional light recipe or co-design your own on request together with Oziris team.

  • Heavy Duty Passive Cooling
    Manage heat and light separately. Industrial LED fixture with proprietary extended passive cooling surface area designed for maximum cooling efficiency. Reduced convection heat ensures service life beyond 10 years of operation.

  • Universal Fit
    Switch to LED using your existing light placement infrastructure. The fixture is mounted on a horizontal pipe, profile, angle, or perforated tray by means of an adapted suspension assembly.