Directing light for plant performance

Introducing Oziris horus, Double-ended light with ALANOD MIRO 9 Reflection technology. As the First horticultural Illumination company to integrate ALANOD reflective materials into Double Ended light fixtures we are commited to direct more light for optimal plant performance.
  • Robust quality
    OZIRIS HORUS is built to operate 10,000 hours or 3.5 years (what comes first) – light fixture; 5 years – reflector body. No more than 5% decline in PAR for every 10,000 hours of operation.
  • Efficiency at scale
    Enhanced efficiency is the foundation of intelligent energy use. As the industry pioneer in ALANOD reflective systems our functional optics system design results in up to 6% greater efficiency through high integral reflection coefficient.
  • Modular optics system
    Direct over 95% of light towards plants with limited shadowing during daytime. Modular reflector design allows for timely replacement or upgrade of the reflector body when used in environments with high risk of chemical or organic deposition.
  • Non combustible cartridge
    We can't predict hazards but we can prepare for them. OZIRIS HORUS ensures your peace of mind with non-combustible cartridge that eliminates possibility of fire hazards.