Modular solution for predictable productivity
Redefine quality consistency and uniformity with OZRIS DJed Series. Intensify your plant factory production sustainably one vertical layer at a time.


  • Universal fit
    Upgrade to LED using existing fluorescent or luminescent lamp infrastructure. OZIRIS DJED allows to save up to 100% in energy costs, compared with the luminescent lamps.
  • Multilayer
    OZIRIS DJED is a multiapplication solid-state light (SSL) fixture designed to illuminate plants in vertical and multilayer farms.
  • Robust, Adaptive, Functional, Modular
    The high quality of construction materials, a unique passive cooling system, and the use of electronic components from manufacturers of the first echelon make it possible to fully use a lighting device up to 50 thousand hours.
  • Predictable production
    Oziris design and engineering team carry out lighting calculations based on the requirements of the Customer to the PAR level. Following the selection of PAR level, Oziris photobiology specialist provides advice on the choice of the optimal spectral composition of the radiation, depending on the growing product. Therefore, building the foundation of profitable multi-tier controlled environment operation.