Synergy of power, efficiency, light spectrum,
and geometry for formidable productivity
Tune in the Irradiance to explore your full potential with Dendera Series. Status Quo performance, efficiency and durability for your competitive edgE.

Introducing DENDERA Series

  • Industry leading performance and efficiency

    Illuminate plants to their full potential. OZIRIS DENDERA features 55% greater PAR levels when compared with the HPS 1000W fixtures.

  • Beyond baseline quality and durability
    Simplistic design, robust construction materials and the use of premium quality electronic components make it possible to operate a lighting device at maximum efficiency and performance up to 50 thousand hours.
  • Heavy duty active thermal management
    Manage heat and light separately. Industrial LED fixture with proprietary heavy-duty active cooling technology designed for maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Low shadowing during daytime
    A distinctive feature of the fixture is the low shadowing created during the daytime.
  • Universal Fit
    Switch to LED using your existing light placement infrastructure.