Custom Luminaries
Enlightened with enthusiasm and crafted with care.
Excellence by design
Implementing decades of advanced engineering and design practices to provide you with a functional electromagnetic spectrum and luminous efficacy tailored specifically to your business needs.

  • Ecologically Friendly Efficiency
    Ensuring stable agricultural supplies locally and globally is a challenge that will require multiple solutions. Investing in horticultural fixtures with greater efficiency improves your operational cost and contributes to a greener future.
  • Resource Saving Light Infrastructure
    Save now or later. By special order, it is possible to manufacture a transit version for serial connection up to 10 fixtures in transit, without using additional cables to power each fixture.
  • Light Distribution Optimization
    Uniform plant growth requires uniform light distribution. Design custom light beams and reflector shapes together with Oziris team. Extend light coverage or direct the light to illuminate specific canopy zones.
  • Thermal Control With Low or No Energy Consumption
    Manage heat and light separately. Get your convection and radiation heat under control with our proprietary heavy-duty active or passive cooling technology.

Site-specific light recipes

Extraordinary light solutions require an extraordinary approach. At Oziris, we are committed to expressing your full potential with solutions tailored specifically to your operation. Creating light recipes that integrate proven photobiology science and natural principles.


Explore your possibilities with Oziris
The innovation process starts here. Customer together with Oziris prototype development team decide on lighting fixture design and features.
Product development is performed by optics and photobiology specialists using computer-aided design systems and through R & D trials.
Laboratory Testing
All theoretical calculations go through series of rigorous testing, including layout and laboratory measurements.
Serial production
Development of documentation, practical confirmation of the set requirements and the serial production of ready-to-use light fixtures.